Clinical Staff

Our clinic staff is highly trained in dermatology. They are an integral part of our practice and provide patients with the best possible care and support. Patients will often be seen by both a medical assistant and a provider. Our medical assistants are trained to assist in procedures, see emergency patients, are available for phone consults, and have a vast knowledge of dermatologic conditions. They are a huge asset to our clinic. Our receptionists (Chris and Lauren) as well as our medical assistants (Bronte, Yuni, Jennifer, Hannah, Tina and Briann) are all here to help.


Chris has worked with Dr. Rich and Amy Simpson since August 2012 as the receptionist. When not working, Chris spends time with his beautiful wife Amber and two kids Tegan and Adric. They all keep busy working on their house, playing video games, gardening, and crafting. Chris has received his Bachelor of Science from Western Oregon University, and has been licensed as an elementary school teacher K-5. His dream is to curate a video game museum while creating large art pieces. His favorite medium is steel, anything from the smallest diameter wire to large sheets of steel. 



Allie has been with Phoebe Rich Dermatology since March of 2007. She became involved with billing about a year and a half later, and then became the clinic’s sole biller in 2010. Following a restructuring in the office in Fall 2012, she was given the position of clinic manager. A native Portlander, Allie left to attend OSU and received a Bachelors degree in Psychology, with minors in English and Spanish. While in Corvallis she worked at Heartland Humane Society and then transferred to the Oregon Humane Society when she moved back up to Portland. She loves to travel, play board games, and spend time with family. She lives with her husband Wyatt and their cats Awesomecopter and Kimbote. Yes, Allie and Wyatt love animals. No, they are not crazy cat-people.




Bronte and her family moved to Salem, Oregon from Ontario, Canada in 1997. She obtained her bachelors degree in Spanish at Portland State University in 2015 and is currently working toward her second degree in public health. At 11 years old, Bronte was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Although the experience was very traumatic, she considers it the spark that started her interest in medicine. She hopes to one day become an endocrinologist and share not only her clinical expertise but also her personal experiences as a type 1 diabetic with her English AND Spanish-speaking patients. Before joining Dr. Rich's clinical staff, Bronte worked at Oregon Health and Science University as a scheduler in family medicine and rehabilitation. She is fascinated by historic architecture and could spend hours exploring old castles and cathedrals. 




Yuni was born in South Korea and lived in Israel before her family settled in Portland. She majored in an interdisciplinary study called Human Biology Health & Society with a minor in Music at Cornell University. She has been a tutor for many years and has worked in various fields of research including music cognition & psychology, patient care improvement, and ADHD of adolescents. Yuni enjoys composing and making music with her friends and secretly dreams of opening up her own bookstore where she will showcase her songs. Professionally, Yuni hopes to work with the refugee population as a health practitioner in the future. She is particularly interested in the issues faced by children and adolescents exposed to extreme, traumatic environments. 




Jennifer graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Economics. After volunteering at Maryville Nursing Home and shadowing healthcare providers, she realized her passion for medicine. Helping people and working in a collaborative team are what motivates her. She is currently taking science courses with the goal of becoming a Physician Assistant in the future. Jennifer is a native Oregonian who enjoys walking trails, trying new restaurants, and reading a good book on a rainy day.






Lauren grew up in Northern California, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Sacramento State University. After graduating, she moved to Portland in search of new opportunities and cooler weather. When she's not working as a part-time receptionist at Phoebe Rich Dermatology, she's working in her studio as an artist, producing paintings and illustrations. She enjoys trips to the coast, swimming in the summer and watching too much TV.





Hannah has been a Portlander nearly her whole life. She graduated from the University of Oregon in 2018 with bachelors degree in Biology and one in Human Physiology. Prior to working at Phoebe Rich Dermatology she was a laboratory assistant at the Institute of Neuroscience at the University of Oregon. Hannah has a love of all animals, particularly her cat Arthur, and enjoys cooking as well as eating. Her goal is to one day attend medical school and enter the field of neuroscience.




Tina graduated in 2019 from Portland State University’s Honors College with a B.S. in mathematics with departmental distinction and completed her honors thesis on the mathematical modeling of vaccinations, specifically focusing on the 2019 Pacific Northwest measles outbreak. During her time at Portland State University, she worked to advocate and provide support for survivors of interpersonal violence and students of color as a Student Support Specialist and as the Co-chair for the Feminist of Color Collective at the Women’s Resource Center on campus. Currently, she is still actively involved as a companionship volunteer for hospice patients with Bristol Hospice and as a tutor for the Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO). Tina hopes to be able to pursue medicine to become a culturally competent physician that continuously strives to advocate for others and provide safe environments for care. Outside of all her involvements, Tina enjoys creating community with those around her, learning about intersectional feminism and the different ways our identities affect and shape us, playing video games, eating good food, and watching cute animal videos.

Briann is a recent graduate from the University of Oregon where she received her Bachelors of Science degree in Human Physiology. In her time at U of O she worked as a laboratory research assistant in a Zebrafish lab, studying gene similarities between humans and zebrafish, as well as worked in the universitys athletic nutrition department. Additionally, during her time in Eugene she volunteered in the needle exchange program at HIV Alliance and White Bird Dental Clinic, where she found her passion for dental health. In the future Briann hopes to attend dental school. When she is not working at the clinic, Briann enjoys spending time outdoors, going to concerts and visiting her family in Montana.